Aita for selling my son&

I (47M) inherited a property from my father 11 year

AITA for selling "my daughter's" car? I (56M) have a son (28M) and a daughter (22F). I like both of my kids equally however they are different individuals with different lives so I help …Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information ... AITA for making a scene of my adult son and sticking my nose in his marriage from AmItheAsshole. 11. ... AITA for inviting my (29M) ...My stepmom will but she likes babies and kids. But I already know that if I want my future children to have those kind of relationships, I will need to cultivate them with other people such as my siblings. My parents love me and will love any children I have but they don't want to have to be a secondary set of parents for them.

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I have two kids; Erin (16F) & Luca. (15M) Erin is technically my stepdaughter & I met her mother, Luz, when Erin was 3 & my bio son Luca was almost 2. We married when Erin was 7 & I view her as my own child. I thought that we’d raised her to be honest & do right. Last week, a girl about Erin’s age & her parents were at my door.The step daughter and the adopted daughter are the same girl. My son married her mother and then adopted her. Questions: The girl was 1 or 2 years old when my son and his mother started their relationship. We don't see or talk to each other often, only in family gatherings. They live in another state. She doesn't call us her grandparents. AITA For selling my house which would cause my in-laws to be homeless. My wife was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. She fought as hard as she could for as long as she could, but she sadly passed away 6-months ago. We never had kids and both were very career focused. After my wife's diagnosis, she wanted her parents to move in with us because ... You are not, in fact, refusing to sell the house to your sister. She is free to buy the house at the price you are willing to sell it. You should make this correction at every opportunity. Willing-Space79 • 3 mo. ago. NTA. I’d tell her she can tour “her new home” after speaking to your realtor and buying the house.I’m saying this because I lost my first child 5 months into the pregnancy. He was stillborn. The depth of my loss is a mere shadow of yours, but still, the few months of grief treatment made a world of distance in both my day to day functioning and in my parenting (my living son was born 15 months later).AITA? Comment down below and make sure to subscribe!Channel link: 100% kids are priority to parents. I've had to push my parents away for the sake of my children. The world they grew up in, the idea of manliness, and femininity. It's antiquated, and just plain wrong. When they questioned my kids, I had a talk with them. They learned from it, and they are awesome grandparents.Tell him if there is a repeat of his inappropriate behavior, he will have to earn it back. As for your sister, you offered to give her something that you shouldn't have. I guess you are buying your niece a PS5. YTA you don't just sell other people thing without their permission even if he your own son. Son or not, he's an abusive individual, and his kind doesn't deserve a trail of ten dollar breadcrumbs. He needs to get kicked out of the house and not invited back into OP's hard-won life until he changes his attitude and behavior, and makes amends. If the aunt wants to enable him, that's her business. 1. 1.This caused some tension between him and my son so I told him to stop complaining about it. Around 2 weeks ago, my son's motorcycle went missing. We opened a police report but nothing came out of it. it just disappeared. My husband had a smirk on his face the entire time just walking around saying "I told you so!, you just wasted your money!".The only way to settle this is to give each of them 3-4k towards a car for them or to help them pay for a car they have now so it’ll be fair. A “sorry” wouldn’t suffice in my opinion. If apologies are all you have to give, expect little to no …aita dad daughter car birthday reddit. A man called his daughter an "entitled b***h" after she complained about not getting a car for her birthday - but there is more to the story.Posting on Reddit, the woman explained that she is the youngest of four siblings and had just celebrated her 18th birthday. And while her three older siblings ...4. I don’t expect to be taken care of when I get old, me and my husband already talked about this, and unless my son wants to, we will not ask him to take care of us. 5. Just to clarify, I am not Indian. While I love India and I've been there once with my husband, I just want to clarify I'm South American.NTA, Not only is it presumptuous for them to expect you to sell them, but they apparently expected you to take a financial hit by selling them under current market value. That's audacious. 24. DDecimal Pooperintendant [61] • 2 yr. ago. NTA, tell them to stuff it, don't sell them your stuff. 17.

In case this story gets deleted/removed: AITA for telling my son to leave my house after he announced his engagement? My son Adam's (24) best friend Carlos (25) passed away over 2 years ago in a car accident, this …My mother owns a unit that she was renting to a single mother with a 6 month old baby. The real estate constantly bugged her to raise the rent or even sell the place because the market was good at the time. That kid is now 4 and their rent remained the same until they moved out the other month. OP is YTA, my mother is what I would consider normal. My mother owns a unit that she was renting to a single mother with a 6 month old baby. The real estate constantly bugged her to raise the rent or even sell the place because the market was good at the time. That kid is now 4 and their rent remained the same until they moved out the other month. OP is YTA, my mother is what I would consider normal. I love my son and hubs and I are focused on raising him right, but if he ever did something like that, I really hope I don't lose my mind and say something so hateful. I will always love my son, but I hope I would also be the same one to drag him off to jail myself if he dares hurt someone he supposed to love and care for. As well as cheat.

AITB for telling a kid what “the two things on my chest” are and that I don’t have a penis. 399. 90. r/AmItheButtface. Join.After he passed away, I kept his favorite car. My brother in law would come by and maintain it for us and sometimes take it to shows. My son would often go with his uncle to shows and when my son got his license he was allowed to occasionally drive the car when either I, his step dad (I remarried in 2017) or his uncle was able to go with him. …

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. AITB for telling a kid what “the two thin. Possible cause: She is somebody else’s problem to raise, and happily not yours. [deleted].

My stepson gets a trust but the remaining 90 percent would go to my son. But I feel torn because I really do not know what is right anymore. After a heart to heart, I changed my will so that my wife, stepson, and my son would each have 1/3 of the business. The rest of my will remained the same.Your son's name is on the title. You have zero right to charge him any form of rent - he is an equal owner to you at this point. His paying the taxes and insurance is reasonable since he is using the home as a primary residence, but he is an equal owner and thus has equal right to use of the property.

AITB for telling a kid what “the two things on my chest” are and that I don’t have a penis. 399. 90. r/AmItheButtface. Join. AITA for demanding my fiance pay me back for selling my train collection? I(28F) lived with my Aunt and Uncle as my parents could not raise me. My Uncle started collecting trains as a hobby when he was working as an engineer. I took a huge interest in them as a child and teenager. My Uncle gave me his entire train collection when he became sick.Trigger Warnings: emotional abuse, verbal abuse, possible parental alienation, infantilizing behaviors. Original Post - Nov 7, 2023. My (26F) father (59M) has been dating "Paula" (38F) for 4 years. I never got to know her well, as I was about to move out when we met. My sister (20F) still lives between our parents and likes Paula, but finds her ...

It just doesn’t sound real. Either way, it seems be AITA for making my son sell an inherited car? @CuratedChronicles Tell your dad he can back pay all the child support paymenMy eldest son is 37 and married to my daugh Jun 30, 2022 · Jun 29, 2022 at 8:35 PM EDT. By Taylor McCloud. Staff Writer. Members of a popular internet forum were left bewildered after one parent revealed why they evicted their son and daughter-in-law from ... My 7 & 11 year olds couldn't find a thing, but my 14 year old went to my fiance and told him he found the dollar and gave it to him. My fiance lost it and started yelling "Aaaa gotcha now!". My son was confused. Turns out, my fiance didn't lose any money and lied about the dollar to see how the kids would react. NTA. In my opinion you were too kind and got used by your The woman told her son’s wife that his ex is part of the family and has been longer than her, making her son livid Goldsmith explained that even if family members … Tue, February 09, 2021 at 1:32:58 PM EST. A 19-year-old is fAround like 8-9 months ago my son came up to me and asked me what You are not, in fact, refusing to sell the house to your sis “AITA for selling my late husband’s classic car instead of gifting it to my son?” The Original Poster (OP) explained: “My late husband (passed away in 2013) was a classic car guy. He bought and sold them since he was a teenager as a hobby.” “After he passed away, I … “AITA For Telling My Son It’s Not My Fault That He [Messed] Up A You didn't steal your sons dog. Your son doesn't have a dog. He hasn't put a single penny, an ounce of work into his care, he has shown no sense of responsibility towards the leaving breathing animal he asked for. Zeus is YOUR dog, be prepared to pro5ect him from your son. NTA. AITA for selling my son’s car to pay for his stepbrother’s surgery? “My stepson (16) has a medical condition since he was born. He used to he doing fine but 14 months ago his health started worsening. His mom and I put all our emergency fund towards his first surgery. Now 7 months later he’s in need of a second one which was not ... AITA for selling the car I was going to give my daug[AITA for selling my Husband’s old action fiJan 18, 2022 · Posted on Jan 18, 2022 This Woman Sold Could have been “AITA for using my son’s saving to fix his stepbrother’s car which he damaged”. Stepson should press charges and this kid should have to pay him for the depreciated value from the damage. Much better having him experience the consequences of his actions with the law now than when he hits 18.